Travel is possibly one of the most important facets of our global economy. Its tied to so many entrepreneurial activities, small, medium and large enterprise endeavors. It is responsible for the business ecosystem that thrives from sectors such as hospitality, food and restaurants, shared use vehicles, rental cars, shared housing…

EVA Smart Luggage V11 Prototype

We are excited to announce that we are in the race running for a seat on the INSPIRATION4 Space Mission! Space has been such a constant inspiration since age 10. This founder has no short supply of excitement for the upcoming opportunity to go to space. As a kid, he…

We are thrilled to release a status update of ADHERE GEAR prototype program for the smart luggage product, EVA. We are making tremendous progress, assembling the network and refining the details for a market ready product that is going to transform how we travel.

We have always known that in…


Autoimmune disease since age 10, Founder of a Travel Technology Company focused on the deployment of a smart luggage network for passenger travel.

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