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ADHERE GEAR Founder (Robert Buchanan) + INSPIRATION4 Mission to Space!

3 min readFeb 15, 2021

We are excited to announce that we are in the race running for a seat on the INSPIRATION4 Space Mission! Space has been such a constant inspiration since age 10. This founder has no short supply of excitement for the upcoming opportunity to go to space. As a kid, he was building rockets out of spare parts and prototypes out of boxes, crafting space suites from clothes, and filling dozens of sketchbooks with drawing of spaceships. Decades later, those same aspirations have driven Robert Buchanan to now focus his efforts on building a Technology Travel Company focused on the deployment of a shared use smart luggage network with a 7 year plan of using the luggage for space travel!

His company has a an immediate goal of changing the face of luggage in our current travel system, improving cleanliness and safety, while adding a new blanket of security to the check-in process. But in solving these deeply rooted problems, he has his heart set on space, yearning to make an impact and add his contribution to how we make the collective dream of space travel a reality for the average person. Luggage is a constant in travel, its essential to the successes the journey, weather backpacking, biking, flights or space, we always have something we need to carry with us. So naturally space travel will have to have a well articulated network that includes personal items being transferred for a passenger. To get to that point, ADHERE GEAR is solving the problems of todays travel system.

The INSPIRATION4 Mission to space is more than dream come true for this founder of a Portland Tech StartUp. It would propel his teams understanding of what to aim for in the next few generations of the smart luggage to ensure a well engineered product is ready for testing with a target test date of 2025. The next 3 generations of luggage will certainly be focused on domestic and international travel, but he hopes to refine the basic structure to then accommodate space in the near future.

Even with the large motivation for his company building smart luggage, there is a deeper motive for this Founder. He looks to inspire children with autoimmune disorders and diseases to dream big and not let any condition get in the way. As a juvenile insulin dependent diabetic since age 10, he has spent decades learning to manage the autoimmunity taking his largest liability and transforming it into his great asset. INSPIRAITON4 is partnered with St. Jude's Medical to raise funds for children's medical treatment and research. Robert is excited about the drive to raise money as he is a huge advocate of children's research and improving the overall health of our global communities.

To qualify for this seat on the SPACEX Rocket, ADHERE GEAR must rally enough support via Twitter. You can support Robert Buchanan and his teams aspiration to go to space in 2 ways

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Thank you ALL for the support and remember, reach for the moon, BECAUSE even if you miss, you'll still land somewhere amongst the stars!





Autoimmune disease since age 10, Founder of a Travel Technology Company focused on the deployment of a smart luggage network for passenger travel.