ADHERE GEAR Targets Luggage for Space Travel.

2 min readFeb 14, 2021


We are thrilled to release a status update of ADHERE GEAR prototype program for the smart luggage product, EVA. We are making tremendous progress, assembling the network and refining the details for a market ready product that is going to transform how we travel.

We have always known that in order to reach something like space travel, we have to 1st solve the many problems that exist in our current travel experience. That's what EVA Smart luggage is all about. Aiming for space travel set the bar high enough to actually build something with significant value and drive strong impact and change to the travel industry. Diving in deep and really tackling the hard problems we face in travel is our top priority. Cleanliness, safety, security, expedited processing during check-in; All top priorities that must be solved in order to streamline the process space travel. Luggage is the one items we all universally use that can solve all these tough problems in once device.

If we solve these problems now, by the time we reach 7 years out, we can have a refined blueprint of how space travel could operate on the civilian commercial scale with a strong blanket of safety and security in place. Incredibly exciting!

We are not building the rocks or space ships (yet) but we sure are ensuring a game changing experience of how you carry your personals items as a passenger entering this new frontier of modern travel.

To fuel this product development, we are launching a Crowd Funding campaign through KICKSTARTER on March 7th 2021. Link here.

You can sign up in 2 ways:

Visit and type in your email.


Visit Kickstarter crowd funding site directly and sign up to be notified of when we launch.

Spreading the word during Pre-Launch is incredibly important for success in this campaign. Any social media posts and shares you can do are most appreciated to help generate strong momentum to change the face of travel.

Travel needs this face lift. It’s the opportunity to get things started off right as travel rebuilds itself for the next generations of travel experiences.

Thanks for your support and find us on social media! You won’t want to miss this!!!!

-ADHERE GEAR Flight Team




Autoimmune disease since age 10, Founder of a Travel Technology Company focused on the deployment of a smart luggage network for passenger travel.