Why travel is so important to our Economy and our Future.

4 min readDec 18, 2020

Travel is possibly one of the most important facets of our global economy. Its tied to so many entrepreneurial activities, small, medium and large enterprise endeavors. It is responsible for the business ecosystem that thrives from sectors such as hospitality, food and restaurants, shared use vehicles, rental cars, shared housing and the list goes on. Its what bonds our countries together and creates experiences that can only be created by traveling. It’s an experience of freedom and a critical component to finding oneself. More than half the globe travels yearly, with almost 1 Billion people in our country alone. With travel clocking in at $7 Trillion dollars as an industry, its incredibly important to ensure travel returns with some incredible innovations at its side. One thing that is a constant with travel, is that its never not existed. Its been in our history books for thousands of years as a primary means of discovery, thrill and adventure. Our entire country is built on mobility and freedom to travel.

We all can probably agree discovery, adventure and thrill aren’t going anywhere. Travel recently has hit a roadblock with COVID-19. We still have a good 1/3 of people traveling. However, what we need is 100% return along with continued growth. A vaccine for COVID is great, the truth is COVID represents a group of re-occurring and systematic situations that have long occurred in our world for 100’s of years. Outbreaks occur all the time, COVID is nothing new in that regard. Its important for travel to evolve technologically and not lean on a vaccine every time it hits a roadblock. Technology is at a point where we can systematically mitigate exposure rates and design and engineer the experiences to have health at the forefront instead of an afterthought.

However, what COVID-19 and the Coronavirus have done to travel is a simple and swift reset of the existing travel system. This reset allows us to recognize the important facets of travel that may have been neglected over the last few decades since travel has expanded. Travel over the past fifty years has become increasingly easier to attain, with modernized means of transportation, internet connectivity and the widespread availability of options.

With that growth, we have also sacrificed quality in many areas of travel for speed and rapid advancement. The software side of travel has seen explosive growth with an app for almost every part of the travel experience. Whereas items like luggage have fallen to the wayside. Now that the virtual travel experience has been built upon a solid foundation, its now time to look at the tangibles that make travel possible. Transportation is undergoing a massive overhaul in keeping public means of transport cleaner and more sanitary. However, its important to note we did have the opportunity all these decades to have done these same innovations along the way. Its not like we just discovered the germ, or now have a new understanding of bacteria and disease. Those have been discovered and well understood for 100’s of years, in some cases 1000’s of years. It appears to be more like a case of neglect in select areas of travel. Luckily. new means of transportation such as the passenger drone industry and the hyper loop have a head start and can pivot, ensuring advanced systems of sterility and cleanliness are built into the infrastructure early on to avoid situations like COVID.

COVID is simply a reality check to what has been engineered well and what hasn’t. Its important to use COVID as a learning tool, almost like one massive beta test, evaluating that if we were to continue building our systems in the current manner, would it be self-sustaining or require shutdowns and bailouts to accommodate small pivots and shifts.

With that being said, the pandemic is a call to action for new ideas to surface. Ideas that are transformative, outside the box that can lead to incredible feats of engineering. We have seen such moments in the past, but now is the time to roll out a new list of innovations to truly allow travel to evolve to its next inflection point. Many believe travel is dead, and for the most part, the way we have done it in the past does contain many elements that are now going to be obsolete. But with that deletion of old ways of travel, new ideas, products and systems can then be brought in to make a difference, an impact.

In order to accomplish something as amazing and phenomenal as space travel, we must first take our existing travel network and make some tremendous improvements. At the end of the day, the existing means of travel directly tie to how we would go about developing space travel. The more innovative our domestic and global travel is, the more innovative space travel will become. So, cheers to seeing profound change in travel. Lets welcome this new paradigm shift as these changes will lead us down a road to a new place of discovery, adventure, and thrill. A new place, a new journey.

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